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I'm a software developer with a recent but explosive passion for videomaking. I didn't have studies in video making but I'm starting by myself last year reading some books on the argument.

My first step in the video-world, just for understand if i really love it, was made in april 2008 with the short movie "Amnesia", a 5- minutes simple movie shoted with my hd handycam (Sony HDR-CX6) and without a pre production study (Just improvising all shots).

After this experiment I was starting to plan my second short movie "Coincidences". I wrote a screenplay (20 pages), sketch out a storyboard, planning all shots, casting and the equipment hire. The movie come to life in july 2008 in 5 full days of shoting.
Now it is in post-production and I hope will be ready soon.

In november i'm partecipating at Coldplay video contest on youtube with a simple but impact videoclip shoted in one day and edited over 2 night.

I love write stories, directing my own movies and partecipating in other productions and I'm waiting to become a good filmaker.

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