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  1. 01:42:35

    Review and Compliance seminar 2011

    by Minnesota Historical Society

    2 Videos

    The Annual Review and Compliance seminar hosted by the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) http://www.mnhs.org/seminar

  2. 04:46:28

    Preserve Minnesota Conference 2011

    by Minnesota Historical Society

    9 Videos

    Videos from Preserve Minnesota 2011 the Annual Statewide Historic Preservation Conference, held in the city of Faribault. http://www.mnhs.org/preservemn

  3. 03:45:41

    History Forum - We The People: Americans and the Constitution

    by Minnesota Historical Society

    0 Videos

    Examine our ongoing national struggle to understand, live with and live up to our greatest founding document: the U.S. Constitution.

  4. 13:39

    History of Hip

    by Minnesota Historical Society

    4 Videos

    History of Hip presents a season of topics about popular culture and history, set in a basement-bar in the city of St. Paul. The series explores the mysterious factors that confer hipness on an artist…

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