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S. Botello Productions™ is creating the Mobile Film Resource Center
Promoting Art, Technology & Education, S. Botello Productions™ (SBP) is forming a mobile film resource center for the world to access and collaborate with. A strong emphasis is on connecting the world of filmmaking to mobile filmmakers around the globe via new technological advances with mobile phone cameras. You can contact us if you'd like to get involved.

SBP created the International Mobil Film Festival in San Diego, California. All films are shot with mobile phones of any brand. We have an annual film festival in San Diego where the films are showcased on big screens, filmmakers network and walk the traditional red carpet and celebrate with an awards ceremony.

Led by Conrad Mess of "The Fixer" and MFF founder Susan Botello, SBP launched the Mobile Film School in San Diego in February with Dr. Schleser who is also a lecturer at Massey University in New Zealand.

We are offering mobile filmmakers the opportunity to be a part of MFTV distribution network channel as we created a Mobile Channel for films shot exclusively on mobile phones for access around the world on any device with web access.

Stay tuned to us by liking us on facebook.com/mobilfilmfestival.com

"The red carpet is in your pocket!" S. Botello Productions™

External Links

  • Mobil Film Festival by SBP - Only films shot with mobile phones rule here!
  • Mobile FIlm Resource - Our blog.
  • Mobile Channel TV - Distribution channel for programming shot exclusively with mobile phones. Contact SBP for details to add your mobile film.
  • Mobile Film News - Mobile Film Media is a news agency for mobile film by SBP. We intend to bring our readers some news we find around the web and elsewhere and also inform you from our own research and experiences.
  • SBP - S. Botello Productions


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