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London, United Kingdom

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Born and raised in the Italian countryside of Verona, Mo Coppoletta has been a devotee to religious and decorative art from an early age. At the age of 27, he began his tattooing career and quickly gained a dedicated following for his designs.

Mo Coppoletta founded a parlor, The Family Business, in London’s Exmouth market in 2003. The studio soon became a cardinal presence in both the London and International tattoo scenes, and has been growing steadily ever since. Today, The Family Business enjoys a reputation for unique, quality work.

Beyond the world of tattooing, Mo has been exploring different mediums. This results in work that reflects his tattooing heritage, but arrives in new areas within the art and design world. This website is a showcase for work that lends itself to a wide range of applications within branding, product design, printed media, and beyond.

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