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Warren Difranco is a freelance documentary and fashion photographer/filmmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area. His service to the photographic community includes compelling and stunning imagery of local fashion and entertainment culture in San Francisco. He delves into all scenes in San Francisco, including urban, gothic, fetish, high society, culinary and high fashion social-scapes in San Francisco. Fashion is the most obvious reference to the evolution of style and trend, defining the looks and attitude of modern global culture. The future of his film and photographic works in fashion will show preceptual moments in that evolution, steeped in political meaning and homage. Warren Difranco hopes to continue his work producing the most avant garde of work and events in this complex story of fashion. He has also worked in the production of many fashion events in SF and has also consulted and produced successful video campaigns on KickStarter.

Highly detail-oriented in nature, it has been almost a year since planning began for this event not without its many hangups; festival production has been extended numerous times. But before Warren must launch anything, it has to be perfect and enjoyable to those he is creating the event for. The purpose of his work is not for himself, but a long-lasting foundation for others in the San Francisco industry to rest on. ModaCine is more than just a springboard, it is a legion of trebuchet. He hopes to establish ModaCine as a film production company and also a fashion film festival built on a San Francisco industry-wide effort and a bright light that rises in the west.

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