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MODE offers photo and video production services
We produce commercial videos, music videos, promotional videos, corporate videos, event coverage, documentary films, fiction, fashion videos, tv programs and tv content, Vox Pops. We film live shows using multiple cameras, make sport videos and extreme sports videos, casting services, scouting services. We offer full service and ENG camera crew for photo and video production working along with national and international clients.
What we do is not important. What matters is “how”. We passionately believe that quality production requieres quality pre-production before the camera starts to roll. Our production quality is also based on a deep understanding of our client’s needs.
Our team of professionals are specialize in the different disciplines of image and sound: Producers, production asistants, Camera operators, DOPs, Gaffer, Runners, 2d and 3D specialist, SFX, Sound technictians, Stylish, make up artist, editor, Casting directors, journalist,etc.
On this website you can see a selection of some of the projects we’ve been working on.

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