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I am an industrial plastics recycler from Texas. As a hobby I am in the process of launching a mens lambskin jacket line made in Seoul, Korea. In hopes to raise funds to cure my sister of her incurable illness I set out on a mission to spread the word about the "modern day hippie" campaign.
What started out as a simple photo shoot turned out to be something much more powerful. I insist that our tax $ go towards medical research instead of needles wars with zero evidence shown or sincerely stated reasons as to why we are in them.
A Modern Day Hippie is everyone who does not like war. If we bring our troops home they would be here with endless finances to defend their families and homes. There is nothing in the world more important then helping our neighbors and family. This is our lifecycle. We need to remain the land of the free, not H.R. 347 the anti protest law. NOW I CAN'T PROTEST ANYWHERE THAT IT MATTERS, I LIVE IN AMERICA, WHAT ABOUT YOU"?

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