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The film and video production department at modern-english delivers cost-effective moving image solutions to suit any requirements.

Using the latest in cutting edge technology, our team of highly skilled industry professionals always provides beautiful looking, content driven products. Be it punchy overviews of photo shoots for the likes of X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke, a secret tour promo for The Enemy or full tour documentaries and music videos shot on REDCAM, what we produce surpasses the norm with our constant, distinctive cinematic flair.

We offer: research and archive footage sourcing, studio and location shoots, productions on low-cost HDV to full HD, REDCAM and film, all aspects of post-production, duplication and all format delivery.

Please call for a chat or email, no job is too big or too small.

Our interactive services....websites, microsites, facebook / social media apps, desktop apps, iPhone apps, flash design.....
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Born out of a genuine passion for music and entertainment and run by creative, award-winning hands-on individuals with years of experience in lifestyle branding, modern-english has established an impressive and exciting portfolio of clients and completed projects.

Whether it’s making a vibrant TV ad for a top American rap star, developing a full interactive web experience with bespoke social media applications, or travelling the UK with a breaking signed band to compile a web hit docu-blog, we’re becoming the industry’s ‘go-to’ choice when it comes to creating cost effective and successful digital campaigns.

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