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Modern Development Studio, LLC is a consulting, design and development workshop established on 2011. Challenging the conventional model –where designers execute the developers' vision– at MoDe Studio we integrate experts from several disciplines –real estate finance, urban planning, landscape architecture, architectural design, and environmental sciences, among others– to provide a comprehensive development platform, both to enhance developments’ opportunities as well as to minimize negative environmental and social impact.

Our 'development workshop' model provides a unique and collab- orative professional environment that enables larger efficiencies as well as a greater degree of control at every stage of the process. This approach empowers our clients –real estate developers, public agencies, and individuals– with the means to fulfill their vision while enabling thoughtful, livable, and sustainable environments.

Mode Studio is an international, highly design-driven firm that builds on a strong and diverse portfolio. Based in Boston with offices in Santiago de Chile, current projects include several mid- and large-scale residential, retail, and office developments encompassing over 2 million square feet.

We are fully committed to improving the built environment.

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