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MODIFIER are Sean Kerwin and Chris Shelswell, two musicians living on opposite sides of the earth, creating electronic music. Between Glasgow in Scotland and Auckland in New Zealand lies eleven thousand miles. Summer is winter and day is night. A love of music and a goal of making the perfect sounding record brought them together.

Despite being 11,000 miles apart, MODIFIER are currently releasing tracks on Voco Records and Endemic Digital, with their latest single 'Myotis' being dropped by some of the worlds biggest DJs including Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and Wez Saunders. The video for Myotis is also touring with the BBC Music Video Festival right now.

Operating in two continents, the Modifier live show is an energetic assault with racks of technology and live drums that journeys through tech house, techno and breaks genres splicing razor sharp beats with intelligent thought provoking melodies.

Tune into Modifier at Modifier dot TV.

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