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Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill, born in and resident of München, Bayern, took classical training in piano (programme for highly gifted children at Richard-Strauß-Konservatorium München) at the age of five and studied composition (als at RSK München) paralleling grammar school. Apart from that, Straschill has learned to more or less master the trombone, alto and soprano sax, guitars and bass guitars as well as various devices and computer-based systems for the realtime generation and modification of sound. Starting in 2000, Straschill has focused on the creation of freely improvised material exclusively. In his solo shows, Straschill combines the input of synthesizers, drum machines, his signature "weirdbass" and saxophones and trombone with the processing of dedicated devices, computers and loop recorders (dubbed by Straschill as "whimsical electronics") to an output which defies any stilistic qualification. Audients at his shows found themselves confronted with a vast crossover of abstract experimental eletronica, singer-songwriter stylings and drum'n'bass breakbeats. In his other life, Straschill works as an engineering consultant in the area of automotive electronics. He holds a red belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and has participated in various competitions and tournaments in fencing, boxing and sailing.

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