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Carl Mok has 15 years of experience in brand, design, visual effects and motion graphics. Great team leader and team player. Very hands on from concept, direction, supervision, all the way through production. An extensive knowledge of many tools and techniques. From onset supervision, operating drones, shooting HDRI. 3D and compositing applications such as Nuke, Maya, 3ds Max, Vray, After Effects, etc. The combination of diverse talents makes an idea lead in all situations. Whether its with clients or the team. Extremely detail oriented and organized. Always encouraging any team with positive reinforcement. Very comfortable in any environment especially when presenting to clients.

Common Roles: Creative Director, VFX Supervisor, Lead Compositor, 3D/2D Animation, Lighter, Drone Operator, Design, MattePainter

In the toolbox: Nuke, Maya, 3ds Max, Vray, Photoscan, After Effects, Photoshop, HDRI camera kit, Drone operator.

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