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My name is Vito Di Ventura, in past I also used the name of Vito Muntianese; recently I decided to become "Molestep".

I have a great passion for puns, in fact Molestep combines the adjective "molest" of a molesting sound, the word "Mole" that is also the symbol of Torino (my city), and "step" that refers to the kind of music that I love, which is Dubstep.
I really love Dubstep since when it wasn't mainstream; I discovered this genre in London many years ago, anyway, I don't like just Dubstep and you can hear all my experiments, but it's been love at first sight so I even named my dog Dubstep.

I was born July 26, 1986 in a small town in southern Italy. I spent my childhood in 2 cities: Taranto and Rome, in 1998 I moved to Torino, the city where I'm based right now wich is the city that gave me this great passion for music.

When I was 16, I started producing my first tracks with an old game for PlayStation. I was inspired by House music, Hardcore and Hardstyle sounds, I produced an never-published album of a dozen tracks called "Incredible mixes", just to entertain my old high school classmates who seemed to appreciate it. I artistically grew up in the middle of dismissed factories in northern Italy, where crazy Rave Parties have pumped 160bpm underground Tekno Music. But having a wide range of musical tastes, I learnt to feel confortabile in the quiet clubs of the city as well. Later, I cultivated the passion of dancing, and I sterted listening other genres like Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Speed Garage, Bassline, 2step and D'n'B.

For many years I used to get more pleasure listening and producing Techno and Minimal, that lead me to meet the Mediakademy staff so I joined the Electronic music school and I improved my skills both as a producer and as a dj.

December 2007: first release on Beatport with an EP of two tracks:
"Donkey Kong" and "Do not touch this apple."

Summer 2009: For a season, I obtained the task to be the responsible of music and shows in the historic hotel resort Pizzomunno in Vieste (southern Italy).
With practice, I learned the techniques of lightjaying for cabaret shows and other similiar entertainement events.

2010: for a whole year I was based in London where I got the best vibes from clubs, charts and vinyl shops mainly: Big experience.

2011: my last release, not just on Beatport but on all the most important electronic music portals such: Junorecords, Amazon, Trackitdown, Djdownloads, iTunes with 2 singles: "I love my life" and "Nicestep".

Shortly later I won a remix contest of Vacca (Italian famous rapper), appearing on the homepage of Myspace for several days.
The song is called: "Vacca - Pelleossa" (Vito Muntianese not just Dubstep remix) ".
The official video is also available on this Vimeo channel, check it out:

For the future I'd like to learn the video editing techniques but in the meantime I'm looking for someone for creating a music video.
Contact me if you're interested in any kind of collaboration.

At the moment that's all folks!
Rate and comment my tracks on Soundcloud if you like'em.

Vito Di Ventura aka Molestep

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