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Activist. Artist. Adviser of the Stardust Fund. My work provides a voice for the millions we can’t hear because they’re gagged by slavery.

The conceptual artist Molly Gochman has created a diverse portfolio of work that is both personal and philosophical. Much of Gochman’s process is internal… a private contempla­tion on concepts of interest – time and change, value, love relationships, and balance. The result of this meditation is then manifest in works that include sculpture, land art, photogra­phy, projected imagery, sound, and participatory experiences. Gochman utilizes a wide variety of common materials in her work like bedding, ribbons, deteriorating Kodachrome slides, grass and soil, and her own clothing, transporting these familiar objects into new con­texts that allow them to be experienced more purely.

The encounters Gochman creates provide opportunities to pause and awaken sensations. These experiences can help build empathy, which Gochman believes is essential to building a more just world. Empathy building is one way Gochman's artistic practice supports her work within social justice.

Gochman is actively involved in the fight against human trafficking. Her partnerships with peers and non-profits within this space, helps Gochman explore cultural norms, systems, and situations that lead to human exploitation. She is working with others to strategically reduce demand for slaves and alleviate vulnerabilities that make populations susceptible to being trafficked.

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