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Molokai, aka Solomon (Solo) Kaleikini is no stranger to the world of bass. Having played electric bass guitar for many years in many bands, and building custom bass guitars under the name kemaguitars, his love for the low end eventually brought him to the electronic music scene. Discovering a new kind of music that he wanted to create, he specializes in original production, rounding out his sets with edits and remixes. Always having been drawn to multi layered music styles such as The Mars Volta, Tool and The Crystal Method, he incorporates ever evolving production techniques to create his signature sound.

Molokaii has warmed the floor for love & light (Footwerk Events) and An-ten-nae (Victoria) and playing in conjunction with Bird of Prey, Mr Bill and Natural Alchemy, among others. He is motivated by the Okanagan's thriving music scene where he is a resident DJ at the Arcade (Kelowna) and has played numerous times with Sentient Sound (Base Wave) at The Grateful Fed (Kelowna). Molokaii surrounds himself with the good company of an exciting and diverse crew of DJ's, producers and discerning dance floor fiends. This inspiring environment pushes him to evolve ever further.

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