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  1. 02:20


    by Momentum Ski Camps

    6 Videos

  2. 01:00:43

    Exposure Edits 2012

    by Momentum Ski Camps

    10 Videos

    Film and Photo Edits from the campers of Exposure 2012

  3. 06:15

    Trick Tips

    by Momentum Ski Camps

    10 Videos

    Momentum Camps Trick Tips, A collection of short edits that illustrate some key techniques to Freestyle skiing including Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Moguls, Rails, Boxes, Jumps etc. Each Trick Tip is demonstrated…

  4. 18:38

    Momentum Camp Sponsors

    by Momentum Ski Camps

    6 Videos

    Special Edits showcasing our Sponsors and their riders at camp

  5. 08:24

    Afternoon Activities

    by Momentum Ski Camps

    16 Videos

    Included here are just some of the afternoon activities we will do daily and on our days off.

  6. 01:57:14

    Momentum Camps HIGHLIGHTS

    by Momentum Ski Camps

    54 Videos

    These video's showcase what the camp is all about. Includes all program videos, highlights and introductions to camp.

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