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MOMENTUM is a non-profit global platform for time-based art, with headquarters in Berlin. Through our program of Exhibitions, Kunst Salons, Public Video Art Initiatives, Residencies, and Collection, we are dedicated to providing a platform for exceptional artists working with time-based practices. The term ‘time-based’ art means very different things today than when it was first coined over 40 years ago. MOMENTUM’s mission is to continuously reassess the growing diversity ad relevance of time-based practices, always seeking innovative answers to the question, ‘What is time-based art?’. Located in the Kunstquartier Bethanien, Kreuzberg, MOMENTUM redefines conventional gallery practice by acting as a gallery of galleries, collections, and institutions, selectively inviting international artists through their galleries and private collectors to show time-based art. Positioned as a global platform with a vast international network, MOMENTUM serves as a bridge joining professional art communities, irrespective of institutional and national borders. The key ideas driving MOMENTUM are: Collaboration, Exchange, Education, Exploration, and Inspiration.

In addition to our extensive international programme, MOMENTUM plays an active role in the Berlin art community and works with exceptional Berlin-based artists to promote their work internationally. MOMENTUM generates exchange, sharing resources, broadening audiences, and opening up markets by providing links and communications between international networks of artists and institutions. MOMENTUM creates an educational exchange between the general public, cultural institutions, and the art world: through public art initiatives, in fostering the interchange of resources, making the MOMENTUM Collection and video archive of events available online, hosting talks, workshops, and monthly discussions which build new networks and explore new technologies and their impact on art practices. MOMENTUM’s mission is to enable the best quality art from around the world to inspire the greatest number of people, irrespective of cultural, economic, or social difference. Art is for everyone.

MOMENTUM was founded by Dr. Rachel Rits-Volloch in 2010 in Sydney, Australia as a major international event bringing together an exhibition program with 6 galleries, 5 curated programs, 6 performances, a micro-residency for local artists, and a symposium of 32 of the world’s leading art professionals, alongside the work of 32 international artists. Maintaining the networks generated by this event, MOMENTUM moved to Berlin in 2011 where programming featured collaborations with leading galleries in Australia, Hong Kong, and New York, while in 2012 renowned artists from China, Poland, America, Australia, Germany, and more, were shown. MOMENTUM runs an Emerging Artists Series to support exceptional Berlin-based artists, and participates in local and international Festivals. Curated group shows are also featured, in addition to screenings on our Public Art Screen, SKYSCREEN, as well as a Kunst Salon event accompanying each exhibition, which bring selected art professionals together to discuss each exhibition and its broader implications. The Kunst Salon discussions are documented on video and made available on our website and social media as an educational resource. The MOMENTUM Collection is also used as an educational resource by several international art schools.

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