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"Jorge Cruz is a transgender avant-garde artist." - wikipedia ' [49.9% of WEARE18]'re a conoisseur of all fine culture' - A. 'The photographs are, at times, depressing. At other times, they are a celebration of the simple life.' - Curated Magazine 'You are such a dirty whore on the inside though, I love it.' - Bibiana 'Chicago photographer, Jorge Cruz, is, in my humble opinion, what photography is all about.' - Aline Smithson, Lenscratch 'i keep forgetting how cruel you are' -Chaenel 'revolutionary and aesthetically perfect in its purest form.' - Surmrit Gallery (NY, NY) 'your words are harsh and insensitive' - Max 'I think Jorge sees everything. He responds in excellent, funny, questioning ways. He is a fearless artist. I appreciate his insightfulness. It's all pretty transformative. He is a very sweet person too. Works really hard and can do so many good things! It's sort of mystifying.' -Colleen Plumb ' your allusions to fictional or historical characters escape me' - J'air 'A distance that is elusive and covetous' - Land Magazine ' u'd be like 'mariam this is pathetic, cooler things happen to me when i pee' - Mariam 'I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you choose to follow it' - Max 'you have an ugly heart' - A. "That's the saddest thing I've ever heard " - Max "you crazy enough girl" - Sir Nenis

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