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Find the best destination wedding and engagement photo and video. This page is devoted to luxury wedding documentary and cinematic movies produced by professional cameramen and photographers of Mongooses.TV studio.
We are a community of people who are keen on traveling, photo shooting, movie making and text writing. The main things that gives us strength and energy are new people, places and emotions. Therefore weddings are so interesting for us. While filming destination luxury wedding movies or taking photos we may combine all our hobbies, putting them together in order to be a success as a team.
Any wedding or engagement, as well as a honeymoon is an important event for the couple and the relatives. That is why we prepare for the shooting very thoroughly, getting acquainted not only with the brides, but also with parents and locations.
We are luxury wedding journalists: in fields of photo and video. It means that our cameramen never interfere into the process. Our aim is to capture true feelings and emotions of the newlyweds, parents and guests. Fake kisses and smiles, artificial love are not the features of our photo and video projects. We choose quality rather than quantity.
Recently we have moved much throughout Europe and the World. The results of our destination weddings we always share with all of you here.
Artur Jakutsevich — wedding photographer
Alexander Znaharchuk — wedding videographer, director
Kristina Kremko — wedding videographer, editor
Viktor Zdvigkov — wedding photographer
Vladimir Novikov — manager, copywriter

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