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I'm an adventurer, dreamer & lover of the arts, nature & my family-the human race. In pursuit of raising the collective unconscious through each moment we choose to connect with each other whether through a movie, music or action, to overcome ignorance, fear, greed, deceit, indifference, & blame. To see through the world's egoic polarizing mind i.e. the matrix, that tries to separate us & keep us motivated by fear & desire-needing to have this or get rid of that before we can be truly at peace & full of joy. That is why I enjoy art that makes one think, laugh, cry, get uncomfy, discuss, or question things. Art that tells stories of the unheard, that unifies, and that inspires that shift in consciousness.. I am also a DM and OMD devotee and lover of 80's new wave/synth pop!

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