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Monofonus Press is an Austin-based record label and multimedia organization, specializing in the physical and digital distribution of music, literature and visual art. Bridging artists across media boundaries to conduce a unique print + audio product, Monofonus aims to share the work born from the manic obsessions of some of Austin’s most influential and anomalous producers.

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  1. Semiconductor
  2. Kim Pimmel
  3. Sean Pecknold
  4. MRK - Markos Kay
  5. Andrew Thomas Huang
  6. Leigh Brodie
  7. Eric Wareheim
  8. Klaus Hommerich
  9. J.P. Sipilä
  10. Randall Acronym
  11. Sarabande Books
  12. Carlos Rosales-Silva
  13. Michael Nason
  14. elana farley
  15. Ben Aqua
  16. Austin Video Bee
  17. Daniel Zmud
  18. amanda joy

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