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Style: fast cars, good food, and forever classic and being true to myself then family and friends. Never in the middle with a maybe yes or no, or just the plain truth, no gray area when asked a question. Most people ask me what do I mean by being classic. My parents always said never buy for today’s fashion buy classic style because classic today in style tomorrow, I love to be silly sometimes not a care in the world as long as I’m laughing. Outdoors fun yes working in the yard or just washing the cars, BBQ on the grill nothing like eating and drinking a good glass of hmmmm something, something smile. O” let not forget working at the gym and working out hmmmmm love teaching my class at the gym, but working out part hated it laugh out loud with me smile you know you feel the same. Bully’s when I see them I step in, I will never let someone harm another” my friends tell me not to butt in, but then who will sometime some people need a superman or woman think about it stand up and tell that bully to stop or just get in the middle . So when you see me just say HEY NOW and I’ll give you a SMILE NOW back.

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