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Somma Lombardo, Italy

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I gained my passion for cinema through my brother. When I win the Oscar for ‘Best Film Editing’, he will be the first person that I will thank. The first step I took to achieve my goal was to attend a masters course in Editing at Milan's ‘Television and Cinema School’, and it was there that I learned the art. Afterward, I worked for television (Sky and Mediaset) and several post-production studios. Another passion that I have is editing TV commercials because, to me, they are ‘short movies’. To improve my skills and my english, I lived for one year in London where I worked for several Production Companies (commercials and short movies). Here I met some people with my same passion and together, we decided to pool our efforts and begin work on a huge project: Final Fantasy VII Web Series.
Now I'm working as Director/Videomaker for a big Switzerland Company that makes virals and Italian commercials. For them I’m working and I worked in China, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, France and Russia. Also I’m making my own projects (Short Film, Web Series, Commercial).


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