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I started out in Film School back in 2003. I was studying the Motion Pictures & Television Program at The Academy Of Art University in San Francisco, Ca. Within the year I started producing a show called "Grandela". This was a cooking show aimed at bachelors who wanted inside info on how to treat a lady (cook for, mixing drinks, clubbing, how to pick up on ladies). I was one of 2 producers on the show, one of 2 main camera men and sole editor. We eventually got a few episodes aired in the Bay Area.

While I was working on this show I attained a job as a videographer for a San Francisco based Wedding Company. I also attained a job at KMTP as a Camera Operator but my job duties included writing and editing as well.

After a year of this I decided to move to Las Vegas, mostly for a change in scenery and a chance to get away from the area I had been living in since birth.

Since moving, I've had the opportunity to travel the U.S. and shoot for a myriad of corporations to include Fremantle Media/Good Games Live, Monster, Coldwell Banker, Future Insights, Hanger Clinic, Avrio Filmworks, Avrio Trader, interview bands such as Judas Priest and work with or along side Entertainers/Actors and celebrity figures such as Billy Zane, Curtis Adams, Madison Hildebrand, Christophe Choo, Bob Goen, Joey Fatone, Jerry Springer, Todd Newton, Dave Ruprecht, and Drew Lachey.

Since then, I have worked on a variety of projects and I continue to mature as both an artist and a human being.

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