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Welcome to Moonandback Media's space news and documentary project "The People of NewSpace". We like to say we interview the people who "are making space happen".

The Project, through interviews and coverage of important speeches and presentations, records a pivotal time in the world's history as a burgeoning commercial space industry advances into space on all fronts. We introduce and follow the people involved, from CEOs of large corporations to front-line engineers, from space fans and advocates to the governmental personnel who facilitate private sector initiatives.

"NewSpace" is the term commonly used to describe commercial space as opposed to governmental space. The first 50 years of mankind's journey into the heavens was undertaken by nations, and while NASA and its counterparts in Europe, Russia, and elsewhere will play an important role going forward, the really exciting developments are happening in the commercial space industry.

This current archive, The People of NewSpace (2010-2013), will be donated to the National Air & Space Museum, ensuring this record becomes part of our nation's history.

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