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Moon Reflecting, Soundclouder of the Day Alumni, is an electronic composer, producer, and percussionist / singer-song writer. As a disciple of Mother Divine, her mission is to tune into Source to bring upliftment and healing to the people and the planet.

Capturing Ancient feeling through modern sound, Moon's instrumentals reflect her Indigenous Cuban roots, connection with the transcendental rhythms of nature, love for Hip Hop, bass and break dance culture. Her infectious driving beats echo of organic tones and poly-rhythms intermixed with heart opening genre defying melodies.
Her sound has been dubbed " Gangstar IDM ".

Moon Reflecting's lyrics induce feelings of empowerment, reconnection, intuition and revolution. Offering spoken word sung through an open soul, she creates a musical platform to express critical environmental views and challenges as well as remedies and reflections to bring ourselves and the earth back into wholeness. Her works and activism for the betterment of mankind and the ecology of the planet run deep in all aspects of her life and influence the very spirit in her music.

Moon has been Vegan for 16 yrs and is the mother of two vegan boys. Moon is also a nationally recognized vegan and raw food chef, full-time Master Chef and Bio-dynamic Farmer at The Sanctuary at Sedona ( Northern Arizona healing retreat center ), nature photographer, and spiritual watercolor artist.

Stay tuned for Moon Reflecting's solo instrumental project and many conscious vocal releases as well as her project in collaboration with Shiro Fujioka,
Conductors of the Om-Ni-Presence. VoltageCtrlr/Shiro Fujioka and Moon are currently working on their album, The Mysticism of Sound, an other-worldly conglomerate of dope-ness born of their love of music and the Divine.

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