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Moontide represents the confluence of the physical world around us with the digital world ahead of us. We are a team of motivated professionals with years of experience. Our inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, our motivation from knowing that in a world always changing socially and economically, our clients need a quality product that fits into a dynamic landscape.

Taylor Vavra

Avid editor, Smoke artist and documentary film maker. Completed work for Fortune 500 companies such as Macy’s, ESPN (Disney) & Gillette (P&G) and also done work for Hardy North America, Microsoft-Xbox 360, Burlington Coat Factory, Touchstone Health, SPX, a Spike Lee Joint PSA, and Valtrex. Currently editing with Avid Media Composer Nitris DX and finishing with Autodesk Smoke 2012. When not at the cutting or fly tying table I am most likely out fishing. There is nothing more exciting than the take of a fly, it's a thrill I will be forever in pursuit of.

Ryan Mhor

Director of Photography (Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild Member, S.O.C. Associate Member) Nike, Target, Ford Motor Company, Prison Break, AT&T, Bridgestone, Smirnoff, Canon, among many others. Ryan has worked with some of the biggest brands around. He is immensely talented behind the camera and has worked with notable cinematographers such as Wally Pfister A.S.C., Matthew Libatique A.S.C., Mandy Walker A.C.S., Tony Richmond A.S.C./B.S.C., Michel Hugo A.S.C. and Conrad Hall Jr. among others. Ryan has shot with and can operate 35mm & 16mm Arri, Panavision, Movicam and Aaton cameras. Digitally, Alexa, RED MX. Epic, Sony Cinealta line, Phantom, Panasonic, Canon 5D/7D and most in between. Ryan is an avid outdoors-man, hiking, camping and sailing are only a few of his interests.

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