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Old World Music for a Modern Time. A haunting cabaret style band formed two years ago in New Orleans by siblings Aeryk Laws pianist/ composer/singer & Laura Laws writer/singer. Morella is fronted by two female vocalists and backed by piano and drums. The band is known for their theatrical stage shows. Aeryk Laws is the creative brains behind the band and his style of piano is a truly unique experience that invokes the beauty and the sorrow of the world. He is classically trained in piano and rockingly trained in guitar. He brings a mix of provocative melodies and furious pounding to the piano that is astounding. Laura writes lyrics for many of the songs and her and Aeryk work beautifully together arranging the lyrics with Aeryk’s music to compose songs that fit the band. From the beginning Anastacia Ternasky was a big part of Morella singing, dancing and influencing the songs with her passionate spirit. Morella soon realized that though they still wanted the intimate feel of playing in a parlor with a larger audience they might want a fuller sound. The band quickly added long time friend Edward Payne on the drums. He plays on his own hand-made suitcase drum set to keep the vintage feeling warm and alive at the shows.

During a Morella show the audience will on occasion enjoy a taste of free Absinthe prepared for them on stage, dancing, flowers, and even a look at Vincent van Gogh’s lost ear. Influenced by a time when a bit of romance lingered in the air; Morella hand makes art that otherwise might be forgotten in our modern times like flip books, thaumatropes, bookmarks, and their own CDs. When projection screens are available at a Morella show the band has been known to show original films, video, and photography that they have created to harmonize with the music.

Morella & The Wheels Of If wrote, scored, and performed in original theatre pieces in DramaRama, an annual New Orleans theatre festival and two New Orleans Fringe Festivals, a performance arts festival. The band traveled to New York to play Dances of Vice/Victorian Festival and Michigan to play the Land Of Nod Festival. In New Orleans, Morella performs at local bars: Circle Bar, Dragons Den, Hi-Ho Lounge, Mimi’s in the Marigny, All-Ways Lounge and One-Eyed Jacks to name a few. Morella has enjoyed much success playing art gallery events at Poets and Big Top. Morella songs can be heard in two films: The Carousel's Marvelous Gears by Dorian Carlos Sensi and The Somnambulist by Rachel Grissom. Morella song “Vincent” is featured on WTUL Songs from the Basement, Vol. 8
Morella is also available for private parlor parties. For info please contact Morella at

Debut album Shipwrecked scheduled to release October 2010.

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