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Cristina Moreno García
*Zaragoza, 1985

I studied Fine Arts at the University of Castilla la Mancha and finished my studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Nuremberg in 2010.
My video-artworks are usually related to the matter of private and collective memories. Describing reality through video-poetry, touching partially the documentary and the new narratives in cinema. Being inspired both by artists and filmakers, who base their work into autobiographical experiences that turn reality into fiction like the memory itself.


  1. Chema García Ibarra
  2. Lina Rodríguez
  3. Stanley Sunday
  4. Alldayeveryday
  5. Lo-Fi Cherry
  6. Skyler Braeden Fox
  7. florencia rojas
  8. Angela Losa
  10. Inmersiones 2010
  11. Guillermo Gineste
  12. One Man Nation
  13. Marco Montiel-Soto
  14. Timon de Graaf Boele DoP/ Camera
  15. Arnaldo González Visual
  16. Fereshteh Alamshah
  17. Arctic Drilling
  18. MIDSIDE Productions

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