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Our past is leading us to our future. Leader within the industrial closing systems, Moreschi gas a great Italian craft entrepreneurship history.
Moreschi Srl was founded in 1967 thanks to the slilled hands of Carlo Moreschi, a peasant blacksmith with a great dream: to convert his craft job into something bigger, stronger and more ambitious.
The first evolution of Moreschi materializes in 1987, when the industrial activity becomes the core business with the entry in the4 company of his soons Stefano and Sebastiano.
From that day Moreschi never looked back, but rather ahead, towards the future.
The specialized production of industrial closing systems was possible thanks to the significant investment in machinery and technology, but also by a new larger factory.
Moreschi rapidly settled itself on the market due to its unique skills to combine the production with the product cistomization, and at the same time by caring about the details, something very traditional for the italian craft industry.

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