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MORE THAN JUST SEX is a series of videos and public service announcements created by Community Healthcare Network's Teens P.A.C.T. program. MORE THAN JUST SEX aims to empower young people to make positive decisions, create social change, and reduce the rates of teen pregnancy, STD's, and HIV in New York City and beyond. All MORE THAN JUST SEX media pieces are created by teens for teens.

As part of a large-scale youth development project, Teens P.A.C.T. trains approximately 20 youth Peer Leaders in a range of sexual health topics so that they can participate in an array of activities that make a difference in their communities. MORE THAN JUST SEX is just one such project... it aims to create approximately 10 public service announcements (PSAs) per year that address issues that most impact other youth. Peer Leaders are trained by Kenny Neal Shultz of Connected Health Solutions to create effective social messages. The teens complete all aspects of PSA development, including: identifying issues of importance, developing scripts, casting, direction and production. PSAs are filmed and edited by Willow Street Films.

MORE THAN JUST SEX PSA's are developed to be distributed and used widely among viewers. They are intended to be thought provoking and to encourage viewers to think critically about their own attitudes and beliefs, and to act accordingly.

MORE THAN JUST SEX also includes a series of educational videos entitled Somethin' To Think About. Empowering adolescents to live healthy lifestyles can be extremely challenging. Somethin’ To Think About is designed entirely by young people so that each video accurately and realistically reflects the issues they face every day. The series encourages young people to explore their own attitudes and beliefs around unintended pregnancy, STI’s, HIV, relationships, discrimination and peer pressure. The scenes are intentionally unresolved. While the scenes allow participants to reflect on and explore real situations, they are designed to be followed by discussions and activities that further explore the issues they raise.

Somethin' To Think About consists of 6 original videos made using the same youth development approach as the MORE THAM JUST SEX PSAs. Each of the Somethin’ To Think About videos can stand alone as a single session on a single topic or can be viewed together as part of a larger series to complement any comprehensive sexuality education curriculum. While the youth in the videos reflect the New York City communities of the youth that developed them the stories resonate with youth in any community. For more information, please contact Michele Perlman at or check out trailers at our website:

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    This is super effective. Screening it for my high school students in the midst of our PSA Filmmaking Unit. Thank you!