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Morgan Park Academy is the South Side's small-scale independent school for real learning, with small classes, approachable teachers, and down-to-earth students who learn best when they see how their learning can go beyond the boundaries of classroom, campus, neighborhood, and even city to influence the wider world.

We focus on:

Small, discussion-based classes: With an average class size of fewer than 15 students, we encourage full-voiced participation and safe intellectual risk-taking, giving every student the opportunity to speak up and stand out.

Approachable, relatable teachers: Our teachers invite dialogue, infuse relevance into lessons, and forge meaningful connections with students because they know real learning takes real relationships.

A spacious, self-contained campus quad: Our inward-facing quad, ringed by ivied brick buildings, creates outdoor space for study and play, along with opportunities for regular interaction.

An experiential curriculum: All students learn best when they apply concepts to real life. So we’ve designed our curriculum to take students outside the classroom to explore and experiment.

A perspective-widening, global focus: We show our students the world. Scores of MPA students travel abroad each year, and on campus we interpret events and ideas in their larger, global context, challenging students to step outside their comfort zones and their zip codes.

Morgan Park Academy graduates emerge as confident young adults, original thinkers, and creative problem solvers who have seen their hard work pay dividends, possessing a keen interest in the interwoven cultures, challenges, and opportunities of our complex world. They progress into the next stages of their lives well-prepared for advanced college coursework and poised to meet and exceed the high expectations they refined at MPA.

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