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Our company, founded by Vassilis J. Economou in 1984, is a 100% Greek family owned company. It signaled Vassilis's intention, to capture the excitement of enriching the everyday life, with simple and modern designs. He was intrigued from the magic of creating an ordinary living, into an experience theatrical & at the same time intimate. It all started with a variable modular seating system. Since then, the art of comfortable seating has evolved well beyond the traditional approach of individual sofa and armchair combinations.
Our modern seating concept, allows you to add corner groups and long chairs, to suit your own personal preferences, giving you the freedom to create unique designs, that are timeless and at the same time refreshingly new. Thanks to our customers, progress did not stop there. The large numbers of personal enquiries, for individual solutions and our willingness to satisfy them, expands the company's own expertise and hammers our product philosophy for functional modern furniture with ground-breaking quality and fittings. This is really a maturing process, is "the art of living" at its best.

But for remaining compatible and honest in this living process, our bussiness philosophy could not be nothing else than striving to provide fair wages and safe working conditions, equitable opportunities, economic and job development, to promote responsible production, in a new economy that uses the resources (such as water, energy, and raw materials) responsibly and values transparency and sustainability, to contribute in creating a healthy home-planet, with fellow-men favoring constant inmprovement towards sustainability.

We are commited to provide choises, which support individual values and self expression, respecting and enjoying global diversity. Thats why what we do, we do it with passion.  Only Passion can drive us in fullfiling our dream to achieve perfectness.

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