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Very early in this lifetime “Lover” and I found each other and began our preincarnational plan. I was only 15 years old when this “older gentleman” (6 years my senior) came walking down the Huntington Beach Pier and we had our first meeting in these forms. Love. Those where the days of the last vestiges of the Laguna Beach Hippy movement and the beginnings of the Jesus People wave from Costa Mesa. The Karios of the times swept us up and we flowed with it in great delight. The joining of our mission and purpose increased exponentially and we began The Great Work of our Partnership in this Lifetime.
We were blessed with 3 children and homeschooled for a total of 18 years. During this time we opened our home to homeless Mothers and babies (sometimes whole families). Our original purpose was to provide housing, food, job training and relocation for women who we met at local abortion clinics who thought abortion was their only recourse but would not choose this if they had assistance.
From our home we published newsletters with articles on herban homesteading, vintage kitchen skills, spirituality, homeschooling, activism, natural health and healing, volunteerism as a way of service and tithing. We visited and became active in local monasteries and church based food shares. We ran the St. Vincent de Paul Food Ministry at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church for 7 years and was active in The Catholic Worker. In our mid 30’s we were Youth Group Leaders and counselors. We have always opened our home to prayer groups, open rituals, classes and private mentoring. When our children grew to adulthood and GRANDchildren came into our lives we concentrated on building a business that would sustain all of us. We have also been blessed to have 3 storefronts where we have supplied bulk herbs and classes on Herbalism for the Family using wildcrafted local herbs. For most of our life together we have lived in Voluntary Poverty as we follow the teachings of Brother Jesus to “seek first the Kingdom of God”. This of course does not mean that everyone must live Voluntary Poverty by all means! It does not mean that money as a vehicle for providence is eschewed by us, what we are experimenting with is frugality, sustainability, harmony with our Souls/Higher Self and simplicity. For us this Vow means that we live in the Present Moment guided by The Holy Spirit and present ourselves in service to the All in this most auspicious time of Transformation. How this “looks” for us is what you see in our Ministry at Mother Moon Pagan Monastery. Our WORK is here. We intend to shew forth a duplicatable template for living in the Spirit of our Higher Selves. We are not alone in the Monastery Movement! People all over the planet are moving out of the Matrix and seeking their life purpose trusting The Spirit of Grace to Guide, Protect and Provide. This simple life is based on very Hard Work! We have a large garden to tend, animals to care for, blogs to write and Videos to make. We take clients for Readings, Mentoring, Tibetan Finger Pressure, Energy Healing/Wholing. We have a little Monastery Gift Shoppe with hand painted Spiritual Icons and Magickal supplies, a fermenting room and The Immaculate Heart Soup Kitchen with Free Food/Blanket Shares for those in need. All of this is sourced from our own Devotional Meditations and Contemplations in our desire to be in constant personal Transformation.
Love and Bless Bless, Dan and Jacquie

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