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Motionart is a full-service 3D production studio and provides high-end graphics and animation services to fit just about any requirement. Specializing in modeling, animation, visual effects and compositing. Motion Art brings experience from film, television and the games industry. We also provide technical direction for a wide range of projects.

David began his creative journey as a classical animator, trained at Sheridan College. David jumped aboard the developing desktop 3D animation phenomenon in the early 1990s, and founded Motionart in 1995. David’s name is well recognized in the 3D community, and he has produced awe-inspiring work for such companies as Disney, Universal Studios and Showquest/Vekoma. His work has been showcased in many TV commercials, magazines and music videos. In 1999 David released the first of his personal tool sets used to create his stunning artwork to the public; Virtual Trees and Foliage has become an industry standard for creating photo realistic art. A few noteworthy users are: Microsoft - Industrial Light & Magic - Dreamworks - Disney and - Rhythm & Hues.

I command the mighty - MOTION ART
I peddle my products on - HUMANITY|3D
My other products as well as;
developer|creator @ MARLINSTUDIOS

I periodically spill my unfounded
opinions and WIP through my alter ego:
Flandryx [see below]

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