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  1. Fabio Jafet

    Fabio Jafet PRO Los Angeles, California


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    Los Angeles based Director Fabio Jafet has the reputation of being fearless, passionate, extremely creative and diverse with his career and projects. As a TV Journalist (Photojournalist & Executive Producer) he won 9 Emmy Awards, The Prestigious Green Eye Shade and covered the biggest stories of…

  2. Altitude CAM

    Altitude CAM Plus SAN DIEGO, CA


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    Altitude CAM is San Diego company specialized in Aerial Cinematography/ Photography. More info on www.altitudecam.com

  3. tj rawlins

    tj rawlins Sunshine Coast, QLD


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    Currently living in London, UK working as a freelance cameraman. Love music, surf, travel and combining the 3 for vimeo in short and sweet video clips. Hope you enjoy!

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