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Founded in 2010, Motion in Style Cinematography was formed by a group of energetic and passionate people. We aim to provide high quality cinematic wedding films. Our style of approach is to capture the most authentic moments that involved very little or zero directed acting for the camera. We believe that every celebration should be unique and it is your story that we wanted to retell and not ours.

We are based in Penang, Malaysia but we have been shooting beautiful weddings for couples from all around the world such as Australia, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, and of course, our own unique multi-cultural weddings of Chinese, Malays and Indians. Along the way, we have made new friends and one day we hope that you will be our friend too!

Today, Motion in Style is one of the leading cinematography team in Malaysia who has dealt with world badminton champion Dato' Lee Chong Wei, Hong Kong celebrity Mat Yeung and Lam Wai, Malaysia artists Moo Yan Yee and Suki Low and Nikon Malaysia short ads.

Share with us your touching love story or ideal wedding theme and we will make your dreams come true!

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