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Leonardo Mouramateus (b. 1991, Brazil) is filmmaker. Directed about 10 shorts, presented and awarded in many brazilian and international festivals. Mauro em Caiena (2012) won best short film at the 35th edition of Cinéma du Reél, Paris, and at the 11th Doclisboa. Lição de Esqui (2013), co-directed with Samuel Brasileiro, won the awards for best screenplay and best short fiction at the 46th Festival de Brasília, and was presented at the Indielisboa’14. In 2013 he was invited to install three of his short films at the 1st FotoBienalMasp in the Museum of Art of São Paulo - MASP. In 2015, he won for the second time the short film award at Cinéma du Reél, with A Festa e os Cães (2015). História de uma Pena (2015) had his world premiere at Festival del Film Locarno, in the session Leopards of Tomorrow. His films contribute as an object of research for many brazilian theorists like Sylvia Beatriz Furtado and Denilson Lopes. Studying masters in Arte Multimédia, at Fine Arts of Lisbon University, he currently films the project António Um, Dois, Três. He is a partner of the production company Praia à Noite.


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