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Moustafa M.Gamal (EGY) studied at the faculty of Law, Alexandria University and High Instituition Of Social Work. His prominent work is obvious along all his projects. He is specialized on the field of Movie-Editing (Color Grading, Visual Effects, Motion Tracking, Keying and sound effects' tweaking and compositing. All his Videos were on the tracks of the long persuited aspiration of filming short specialaized videos that contain new techniques of shooting, editing, color correction,visual effects.
Lately, Moustafa M.Gamal has acquired The Jury Award at Cinemobile Film Festival for his movie "Keep Moving Forward". He also Co-operated with ADWAR and AGORA as a Chief-Editor at "Alexandria International Model Arab League AIMAL" and "Start With Yourself Festival" in April 2012, respectively. Moreover, he was the Camera-man, Chief-Editor and Director of a video clip of "I 'm Not A Number"; A Rap song talks about Egyptian Revolution and the changes it brought. His aim is to raise the level of moving picture filming, editing and shooting techniques; in order to produce more sophisticated and elegant results within these fields.


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