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MovieBrats Studios is a one-stop shop animation and vfx studio in the heart of Berlin, offering a wide range of products and services in the field of 2D & 3D computer animation, CGI, visual effects, motion graphics and digital imaging for feature films, tv, still images and the advertising industry.

From character design through animated product visualization to complex photorealistic 3D effects, MovieBrats Studios provides full service through all stages of production, including consulting, concept and look development, storyboarding, animation, implementation into existing footage and much more. With a keen eye for detail, a bucket load full of creativity and a love for craftmanship, we combine the right tools with first-rate artists to faithfully bring your vision to bigger or smaller screens.

We are passionate about stories told through moving images. We are proud that at MovieBrats we favor a lean management, flexible workflows and a down-to-earth work environment.

Our work can be seen in
- TV Commercials
- Theatrical Feature Films
- Short Films
- Corporate Films
- E-Learning Videos
- Mobile Games & Apps
- Viral Videos & Online Clips
- Tradeshows
- Still Images for Print


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