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Roni Nicole makes moving pictures. They have been described as beautiful, but for Roni, beauty is a means to reach another goal: the creation of change, even an inch will do.

Through filmmaking, Roni strives to capture the profound in the everyday messages around us, a practice she learned at the foot of a master tale-weaver, her Grandmother. Left to imagine the faces and the environments of her Grandmother's dynamic characters, Roni decided that these dynamic and complex folks deserved a life visualized, painted in ways that would carry their acts of heroicism, unconditional love, cowardice, and even confusion out into the world. Armed with this mission, Roni packed up an English teaching career and headed for film school to harness her storytelling weapons of choice: the camera and a mastery of both light and shadow. She now works with a team of truly anointed artists intent on rediscovering the mystical in our world, the high magic that has the power to truly move and restore us.

M.F.A., Film and Television, Savannah College of Art and Design, 2008
B.A., English Education, Clark Atlanta University, 2002

Producer, ONE, Music Video 2010
Director, "For You," Music Video 2009
Writer/Director, Grace, Short Film 2008
Producer, Beautiful Struggle, Short Film 2008
Script Supervisor, PUSH, Short Film 2007
Writer/Director, Sunday Kind of Love, Short Documentary 2007
Writer/Director, Sonya, Short Film 2007
Writer/Director, King of Love, Music Video 2007


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