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We like to see ourselves as the core of a group of creative professionals. An energy conductor that boosts ideas, transforming them into audiovisual universes. Our work structure has the profile of a boutique studio, which allows us to have a dedicated approach to the client and the product. It also gives us more flexibility at the time we start to produce each new project.

We work with a network of artists, each of whom, we admire. Their different styles and points of views give us creative freedom when seeking formal solutions.

We have the experience of working with clients in the Argentine market and with agencies in USA, Brazil, Italia, Spain, Germany, Portugal, among others. This formula proved to be productive, efficient and profitable. Our main clients are Greenpeace, Unilever, HSM, Latinworks, Fashion TV, ManagemenTV, Tenaris, Universidad de San Andrés, Grupo Gallegos USA, DDK International-Marketing and Advertising, NERD Interactive Thinking, SION, AFA, Museo de los Niños Abasto, among many others.

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