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Moxie Institute: Films + Conversation = Change

The Moxie Institute is a cutting edge film studio for the 21st century. Led by Tiffany Shlain, founder of The Webby Awards and winner of a Tribeca Film Festival’s “2012 Disruptive Innovation Award,” the team’s last four films have premiered at Sundance, have won over 45 awards, and have been singled out by the NYTimes for “Examining everything from the big bang to twitter.” Their feature film "Connected" was also selected by The US State department to screen at embassies around the world as part of their 2012 American Film Showcase.

The team’s latest project, Let it Ripple: Mobile Films for Global Change, employs a new type of filmmaking they pioneered called “Cloud FIlmmaking,” which experiments with making films collaboratively with people all over the world, and then providing free customized versions of those films for organizations working to make the world better. Find out more by reading The Cloud Filmmaking Manifesto.

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