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  1. MPLS Vids

    by MPLS.TV joined

    5 Videos / 1 Member

    Videos made from or about Minneapolis highlighted by MPLS.TV.

  2. Minneapolis Bike Polo

    by Bjornery joined

    27 Videos / 14 Members

  3. Friends!

    by Totally Gross National Product joined

    8 Videos / 3 Members

  4. Quick Tüts

    by Andrea Allen joined

    62 Videos / 665 Members

    Quick Tüts (pronounced toots) is a group dedicated to short, instructional videos showing how to use everyday, readily-available items to aid in your filmmaking adventures.

  5. Minneapolis, Minnesota

    by The Duluth Scene joined

    166 Videos / 17 Members

    Share "Your" Minneapolis.

  6. Minneapolis, MN

    by The Duluth Scene joined

    229 Videos / 23 Members

    Share your "Minneapolis".

  7. Short Funny Videos

    by Mike Matthews joined

    2,802 Videos / 961 Members

    Are they short? Are they funny? Load 'em up.

  8. Funny? Yes? Ha?

    by Original Erik joined

    1,627 Videos / 470 Members

    A group for anyone who likes random videos. Upload your own random videos on the group page!

  9. Web Comedy

    by Joey Malinski joined

    4,364 Videos / 1,121 Members

    A chance for Comedians to showcase their web series, stand up, or sketch comedy. Everyone is welcome..

  10. Indie Television Producers

    by Glen Williams joined

    1,394 Videos / 314 Members

    You may not have the backing of Fox or ABC or even Comedy Central - but you produce for television, too, dangit! This is a group for anybody who produces with an eye toward the home screen. Maybe…

  11. Sketch Comedy

    by Ricky Star joined

    558 Videos / 142 Members

    This group is all about people who do and love Sketch Comedy! And making people laugh of course!

  12. Midwest Filmmakers

    by Harry Locke IV joined

    3,620 Videos / 518 Members

    A group dedicated to all you cinematic artists that either originate, or produce a bulk of your work in the Midwestern territories. Lets see what kind of cinematic magic is being pumped out of the…

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