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Mimi bado mtoto was tz. Bado mtoto wa TZ, mimi napenda kutaambaa popote! Hapa kwa internet napenda kwenda "charles nyangiti linkedin". Cuz I I live in the rural country and have done some surveying, I am asked about property boundaries and measurements. The questions are many many many. "How much does a surveyor cost to get to do the job?" "Can I do it myself or with friends?" "What tools do I need?" "What do my property boundaries look like?" "What are the laws and regulations and prohibitions concerning surveying and property boundaries or districts? Where is northern where is southern?" "Where are my property expenses records? Do I need a lawyer? Do I need to give notice?" People ask these supreme questions, not from a desire to fence and post their land, but because of pride of property ownership, the desire for knowledge, or — sometimes — to protect themselves from the threat of encroachment and history shows us this is so.

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