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Born in 1965 in Genoa, Italy, Marco Maroccolo explored various artistic and vocational pursuits – including the study of music and ancient literature, and the practice of printing and graphic design – before refocusing his attention on his first true love: photography.

From the launchpad of landscape photography, he soon progressed to capturing the idiosyncrasies of architecture, interiors and works of art. His preferred medium of black and white digital camerawork proved to be the perfect vehicle to explore the subtle difference bestowed by natural light on spaces both exposed and intimate. Maroccolo’s early portfolio, From Earth, From Heaven, portraying the statues of Staglieno cemetery in Genoa, was published by US magazine LensWork in 2010. The following year, the same magazine published Lotus & Pyramid, depicting Maroccolo’s collection of ancient books. Other notable projects include Kirchen in Südtirol, illustrating the churches in Südtirol, and Venezia, upside-down forest, a project uncovering the hidden spaces in Venice.

The photographer personally oversees the post-production of all his images; with the crafting of pigment ink prints allowing the final artistic touch to the process. Alongside images selected from his collections, he also produces single fine art prints commissioned of landscapes, architecture or similar, both in open editions and limited editions. These prints are available to purchase at photographic exhibitions and via

In addition to his artistic activity, Maroccolo is active as a lecturer and educator, regularly conducting classes, workshops and presentations on photography, creativity and art. These classes are intended to be accessible for professionals and amateurs alike, with subjects including but not limited to post-production photography software, the history of photography, monographs on famous photographers, creative and artistic technique, and the relationship between art and photography.

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