Ríkharður Óli Cuellar

Reykjavík, Iceland

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„Rix“ or Ríkharður Óli Cuellar (also known as Mr. Cuellar) has been serving the Icelandic nightlife with electric music since 2003 - with his crazy antics & the finest track selection he surely can get You in the Groove!

His first residency was in 2004-06, based in Akureyri -his hometown ... Club Nights called Substance. Through that experience he developed a keen sense for playing in front of a live crowd. Main influences have been Kraftverk, Depeche Mode, Danny Tenaglia, Jeff Mills & Carl Craig as well as locals like the legendary Frímann & Arnar (HUGARASTAND). His style can be described as deep, funky, acid, dripping House Music although being in constant process.

From 2007-09 - Rix & three other local dj‘s (Ofur, Asli & Trix) ran monthly events called Barcode. The crew brought artists like Jake Childs, Jay Tripwire & F.E.X. to Iceland. They also threw a crazy boatparty in the Reykjavík harbor and played „Þjóðhátíð“, which is the national holiday of Westman Islands – south of the country.

Rix‘s first real break was when he had the honor to play a warm-up set for Mistress Barbara – that gig opened opportunities like performing with names as Desyn Masiello, Roni Size, Timo Maas, Trentemoller, Kasper Björk & Stephan Bodzin ... and B2B session with Ewan Person. Performing at places like Club Nasa, Broadway, Faktory, Hemmi & Valdi, Kaffibarinn – illegal raves – & Radioshows likes of Flex, Techno.is, No Request & Party Zone - name it, Rix has been around the scene!

Having performed @ a „Be Stupid Party“ for Diesel, two times @ Distortion Festival plus regularly around bars in Copenhagen. Rix is just getting warmed up for taking more part in performance on the decks ... Worldwide!

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