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Additional projects:

- "Visualization and Manipulation of Global Illumination", a custom Maya viewport renderer in collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, supported by the "Karl-Steinbuch" scholarship, based on enriched real-time photon mapping, with several helper classes for photon visualization and manipulation, in order to facilitate lighting tasks of global illumination scenes at near-realtime response.

- Co-development of Maya-to-Ogre exporter, mainly with additions to the camera export, interface design, installer and bugfixes.

- Custom Maya viewport for output on TRIDELITY auto-stereoscopic displays, with support for dual- and multi(5)- view-modes, sweet-spot helper and aspect reduction for increased stereo effect.

- Volume shader for Arnold (ongoing), single-scattering shader for cached fluid simulations, as well as investigation of multiple scattering for cloud-like shapes


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