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Melbourne, Australia

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Frankston High School is a large multi campus, coeducational school situated in South Frankston. We have a strong sense of tradition with excellent parent involvement and strong links with the local community. The school has a population in excess of 1600 students. The Year 7-10 and Senior Campuses occupy nearby sites.

Frankston High School continues to lead state schools in the use of technology to enhance learning outcomes. Tablet Notebook computer classes at Years 7 to 10 have proved an outstanding success and staff have undergone extensive relevant professional learning. Our wireless network, school intranet, learning centre student e-mail addresses and a school website facilitate communication with the world and promote true “twenty-four-seven” learning.

These tutorials are provided for our students, parents and staff through Vimeo and our Learning Centre, as well as for anyone else that would like to learn. Lessons are created by our staff and students.

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