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Welcome to the site of Spectacle Cinema! spectacle-cinema.com Thanks for visiting. Here you will find the work of Videographer ,Michael Kovach.
Many years ago , I discovered a passion for video and the equipment used to collect high quality video and images. Unfortunately ,at the time video equipment was very expensive and really prohibited the consumer from attaining the broadcast quality without leasing or purchasing expensive equipment. Now in today’s technology there are many recorders available that reach broadcast quality and beyond and that equipment is attainable. Equipment is only part of the story. A videographer needs to be able to tell a story to the viewer using collected images. They need to be able to express emotions using music and sound and visuals.
This is where my work begins.
I started as a volunteer at the London,Ontario local RogersTV station a few years ago. Volunteering sparked interest in videography I had laying dormant for several years to the point where now I have build this site to let others know that I would love to help you. I want to tell stories and save memories.

If you have an event you want recorded or documented Spectacle Cinema is here to capture, edit and publish your event online so it is available for other family members, friends colleagues and partners to view. There is no other medium as flexible as video to show your talents, creations, products and tutorials.

Spectacle Cinema creates movies with a filmic quality and uses cinematic shooting techniques to express the concepts and ideas of the originator. Please have a look around and enjoy the videos.

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